Mirai Academy starts recruiting students for April/2022

☀️☀️Good morning everyone. It is Mirai Academy.🥰🥰
🤩🤩We are really happy to announce our first campaign this year. We will open the 1-year and 6-month course about Japanese Business Manners and IT Programming this April and we are recruiting students now.👏👏👏
・ What is Mirai Academy❓
➡ Mirai Academy is a place where educate foreign students living in Japan with the hope to look for a work and MA.
・ What do we have in Mirai Academy ❓
➡ Turning towards students, especially foreign students living in or intending to work or study in Japan, so we open Japanese Business Manners and IT Programming classes. Moreover, we also organize classes to help you learn about Japanese culture and get more essential knowledge when living, studying, and working in Japan
・ Can I join in the class if I live in far distance place❓
➡ Do not worry. Currently, Mirai Academy is training online (via Zoom) with basic Japanese.
・ How can I register the classes❓
➡ Firstly, please click Entry in this Homepage, the process will be opened. Then finish steps and follow the instructions, we will support you.

About other questions, please click Homepage or contact information support center below👌
Tel: 055-267-7217
Feel free to contact us if you have interests or any questions. Let us hear and know about your expectations
Mirai academy 「Create a bright life and future. Create opportunities」
Mirai Academy Admin