Head to people who expect to
work in Japan

This is a business manner course for people who would like to apply job in Japan or work long - term in Japan. This course aims to help you look for work in Japan by instructing you recruit process such as: Interview preparation rule, how to write CV impressively and effectively.

We operate this course by not only instructing business manner but also organizing workshop or seminar to explain personally to students about job, visa convert process.


To understand Japanese working style and business manner

Have knowledge about Japanese working style, thinking way, learn and understand the meaning of business manner in work.

Manner and job application

We have realistic lectures about job finding, job application in Japan

Learn from reality

We have detail lectures for students from writing CV to interview. Our well-experience, good members will directly instruct you.

Essential skills

Essential business skills when working in Japan

Critical thinking skills, behaviour to process work problem

Essential knowledge and experience for work in Japan

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Business manner