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Temporary Staff

soukanFrom Next Age, We will dispatch personnel with the necessary skills in the required period*. We will send the staffs who apply from Next Age for each department of your company and work under the direction of company. The temporary staff delivery contract is signed between the company with Next Age, and the working contract is signed between Next Age with the temporary staff. For the company, it will only pay you a Monthly dispatch fee*, then for all employee management activities will be done by Next Age.

*Monthly dispatch fee … Hourly Wage x Actual Working Time + Consumption Tax

○The Benefits of Temporary Staff

We can reduce the cost or time needed for recruitment such as the cost of job advertisements and interviews.
You can reduce the burden of social welfare or labor management (salaries, insurance costs, social welfare, transportation costs, etc.).
Required period*, secure only during busy periods


*Required period: It will be an employment period based on law.

The Necessity and Possibility of Temporary Employment Business According to Next Age.

Recently, it is very difficult for many companies to allocate personnel according to fluid production while it is difficult to recruit regular employees.
In our social situation, we think that we should first increase employment rates of elderly people and housewives who find work that they can contribute to the company by increasing the retention rate of each firm.
In addition, we propose various temporary staff service offerings for companies currently contracting temporary staff and companies that are thinking of hiring temporary staff.
Next Age will listen diligently to the needs of job seekers and the company that aims to serve temporary personnel different from the past and meet the social situation at that time.

For those who consider the introduction of a temporary personnel system, personnel, questions, consultations, requests, etc. Please do not hesitate to consult with us.

Temporary staffing system introduction flow


Explain about temporary staffing, suggestions and accept requests.

2.Detailed Meeting

After consent, we will visit the practical field and propose it.

3.Submit Quotation

We will submit your quotation promptly.


Enter into a worker dispatch contract.

5.Staff Selection

We select personnel suitable for company from our registered staff.

6.Start Working

We will work under our guidance and supervision.

7.Business Performance

To ensure efficient work, we will send staff management to communicate with the company.

8.Contract Completion and Extension

Good progress will be extended the contract and pay the contract when expired.

9.Aim for further Efficiency

In order to improve efficiency in the further, by daily contracting.

Contact Hotline

Yamanashi Head Office:055-275-3216
Saitama Branch:048-884-9285

Reception Hours:9:30~18:30

※for companies other than Yamanashi or Saitama Prefecture, please call the local branch office.



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